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Liposuction Surgery removes excess fat deposits in order to sculpt the patient's body to an improved form. While fat removal is best known, it is also one of the best procedures to help a patient refine her form. If you gain weight, the size and volume of fat cells rise. Fatty cells in a particular area, on the other, are reduced by liposuction.

Well-Known Liposuction Surgeon - Dr. Ashutosh Shah

Dr. Ashutosh Shah is a full-time cosmetic surgeon at the well-known Apple Hospital in Surat. He owns a specialized cosmetic clinic called the Elegance Clinic, the Surat Hair and the Cosmetic Laser Clinic. Apart from Liposuction Surgery he has immense expertise in hair transplant, body contouring, breast enlargement and reduction, as well as various cosmetic procedures and non-surgical cosmetic methods together with lasers, botox, and fillers. Elegance Clinic–that's Dream of Dr. Ashutosh Shah, eminent plastic nursing associate and Surat surgeon. It is one and only clinic in Surat and South Gujarat, which offers total cosmetic facilities below one roof.

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Elegance Clinic is the one-stop solution for Buttocks Liposuction, Arms, Face & Neck Liposuction. Abdomen, Thighs, Breast Liposuction and more

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